Improve Your Testing Projects

TestWave is a hosted test management solution that enables teams of all sizes to effectively manage their test projects, whether they are in the same building or distributed throughout the world.

Easily Organise Test Projects

TestWave makes it easy to organise and categorise your tests. Create template test designs and reuse them in as many test sets as you like.

Be a Productive Tester

See your test script and current step on screen at the same time as your application. No more losing your place when switching windows.

Found an issue while running a test? Raise a defect automatically filled with the test step details straight from the test run window.

Preconfigured Dashboards

TestWave provides a useful default set of dashboards that allow you to see what’s going on in your projects without any further configuration.

No Server Setup Required

Since TestWave is a hosted solution, all you have to do is sign up and you’ll be ready to start testing in a few moments.

Import Existing Tests and Requirements

Already started testing with spreadsheets? TestWave allows you to import your existing test cases and requirements with ease.

Simple to Use

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how a functional testing tool should work and we’ve applied years of industry experience in providing you with an intuitive, easy to use tool.

Affordable, Functional, Always Available

TestWave is affordable, easy to use and has enterprise strength functionality. No servers and no installation are needed - your team can start at once.

Work from Anywhere

With TestWave you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection. TestWave makes it easy to work with a distributed testing team.

Always Up-to-Date

Don’t wait for spreadsheets to be emailed off, see the results in realtime. As soon as a test is completed you can view the results so the whole team knows what’s going on.

Review Test History

Look back at previous test runs to see what happened and compare it to a recent run.

Track Defects

TestWave features a fully featured defect tracker so you can both manage and improve the quality of your software. Work with team members by adding comments, attachments and updating the customisable fields.

Assign Tests

Assign tests to members of your team and avoid repeating the same test over and over again because you don’t know who’s running it.

And Much, Much More

Report Generation

Customisable User Permissions

Audit Changes

Test Scripts

Attach screenshots & documentation

Customisable view and workflow