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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum number of users?

There’s no minimum or maximum number of users, you can have as many or as few as you like. For more than 50 users please contact us directly.

Can I pay Quarterly or Yearly?

Yes. Payment can be made monthly via credit card on our website. To arrange for quarterly or yearly billing please contact us.

Can I use TestWave offline?

Since TestWave is a hosted, multiuser service, it requires users to be connected whenever they use TestWave. This ensures data is consistant for all users.

Is there an on premise version of TestWave?

Yes. Please contact us for details of system requirements and pricing.

Can I export tests and other assets to Excel?

It is already possible to export Test Runs and Defects to CSV (compatible with Excel). In future releases it will be also be possible to export Requirements, Releases and Test Designs.

Is it possible to have two different types of user, such as Defect-only Users and Regulars users, on the same project?

Yes, users can be combined as desired.

Can I add users to my copy of TestWave?

Yes, up to the number of licences purchased. You can allocate TestWave accounts up to the number of licences purchased to whoever you wish and add and remove them from time to time (without involving AC) as people come and go from the test team.

Is there a service level agreement regarding TestWave services?

Yes, it is contained in the standard terms and conditions, available on request.

What support will we receive for TestWave?

Standard support, included in the subscription price, is business hours phone support and 24 hour response by e-mail. Emails are normally answered well within the 24-hour limit. Non-standard support is available by separate agreement.

Does TestWave integrate with other test applications?

TestWave integrates with HP QTP and JIRA. Integrations are planned with Selenium and other applications in future versions of TestWave.

Can I request new features for TestWave?

TestWave is evolving rapidly and we welcome feedback and suggestions from all users. Requests from customers are prioritised and we seek to accommodate all reasonable requests from them.

Can I import my existing test data into TestWave?

Yes. TestWave includes a bulk CSV (Excel compatible) import facility for tests and requirements. Furthermore, AC provides a free data import service where the import is more complex and cannot be done with the import facility alone.

Can I be billed in my own currency?

Billing is available in US Dollars, Euros and Sterling.

Does TestWave track testing against requirements?

Yes, tests can be associated to requirements, and the testing for each requirement is tracked for each release relevant to the requirement.

Can I customise the dashboards?

Each user can see up to six dashboards, and it is possible to customise which ones each user can see. Customising the items shown on each dashboard will be implemented in future versions of TestWave.